We are an innovative little New Zealand company that creates world class brewing hardware.

Starting as a product design consultancy we spent 2 years in development with our first product, the Quarter Barrel and Half Barrel plastic conical fermenters. Evolving the product from humble beginnings, we worked hard to integrate tri-clamp fittings into the plastic body, giving an unparalleled level of sanitation in a plastic fermenter. We achieved this by actually moulding the features in, rather than integrating an existing tri-clamp fitting, ensuring there are no crevices or threads that can harbour bacteria and grime - a common pitfall in existing plastic designs. 

As product designers, we believe that by working with brewers we can work towards creating the best equipment possible, that wont cost the earth. 



Indemic are a product design consultancy based in Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand.

To learn more visit www.indemic.co.nz